The Things I Tend To Use In A Day

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I just recently came across Wes Bos' Awesome Uses repository. I thought it was interesting to look at the toolkit that other people used, and thought I'd provide my own. But sometimes the tools a person uses are more about something being the "good enough" option, so I thought I'd get a little more specific: Those things marked with a are things which I think are great and totally recommend. Those things marked with a are things which I've compromised into using for one way or another. It's the best I've found, but you could talk me into something else.


  • I write code using VS Code, having moved away from Brackets some time in 2018. My theme of choice is Plastic (with deprioritized punctuation).
  • I almost always have Prepros running to handle my Pug, Sass and JS files.
  • When working with PHP I have XAMPP running on my machine.
  • I write code to Firefox Developer Edition first, using Chrome as a secondary browser (but often have them both running)
  • I use GitHub Desktop every day and only use command line Git if I'm absolutely forced to.
  • When FTP is called for I use FileZilla. I've tried to move away from FileZilla a couple times but never found anything I liked better.
  • I have an Adobe CC license. The programs I use (listed in order of frequency) are: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD and that's pretty much it.

Productivity, or what passes for it.

  • I've recently (June 18) switched from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do. I'm not in love, but it's the to-do I've minded the least so far.
  • I recently started using Mailspring to handle all my email accounts. I'm liking it a lot so far.
  • I use the Slack app.
  • I use 1Password to keep track of all my passwords (374 at the time of this post)


  • I have three Windows computers that get regular use. The one that lives in the office is a Dell Dell XPS Tower, similar to this one. It's got 2 ViewSonic 24" monitors, and 1 Dell 24" monitor turned 90 degrees.
  • My home computer is a Cyberpower i7 tower with basically the same specs as that Dell, but it's bigger with more hard drives. It has 2 Acer 24" monitors, one vertical Acer monitor, and one square LG monitor. Yes, I agree that's excessive, but I do use them all.
  • My laptop is an Asus Zenbook i5, similar to this one.
  • I like mechanical keyboards. This one at work, this one at home.
  • Both my mice are Anker vertical mice.
  • My current phone is a Moto g7, using Google Fi.



  • Looking for an alternative to Google Hangouts, I finally found Telegram. It's much better.
  • I use Pocket Casts for listening to podcasts. The Android app on the phone, and the Windows app on the computers. They sync together.
  • I have a monthly Google Music subscription. I use the Android app on the phone, and the strangely named Google Play Music Desktop Player on computers.
  • I sometimes buy games via Epic or Itch, but usually I'd prefer it thru Steam. The home computer has an ethernet connection to a Steam Link on the TV. Which works great like 90% of the time.
  • Also on that TV is a Nvidia Shield for streaming just about anything. I have Kodi installed on it as one of the apps and I really love that program.

Hopefully some of that's interesting to you or else I don't know why you read this far. Now that we're done here, do you wanna go back and see some of the stuff I've made?